NEW Gold Supergirl Challenge & How To Beat Any Challenges! Characters/Hero Shards Injustice 2 Mobile

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In this video I review the brand new Gold Gold Supergirl Challenge in Injustice 2 Mobile Game App.
Additionally, I cover how to beat any challenge mode with low level characters.
00:24 – Challenge Tier 1 Gameplay & Reward
1:22 – Challenge Tier 1 Gameplay & Reward
4:21 – How To Beat Any Challenge Mode!!!!
7:50 – Challenge Tier 3 Gameplay & Reward
9:55 – Supergirl Character Review
10:32 – How To Build Supergirl To Be One Of The Most Powerful Characters In Injustice 2 Mobile

I play through the Gold Supergirl Challenge Might Class Challenge Level 1/I, 2/II & 3/III and show you how to beat the Gold Supergirl Challenge. For each level you can play for 2 daily victories rewarding you with hero shards and a chance for a piece of gear.
If you beat the challenge mode 2 times on each difficulty/level you earn about 20 hero shards. You can then play the challenge 3 times over 3 days totaling to 80 hero shards and 24 pieces of gear.
— Battle level 1 costs 6 energy/stamina
— Battle level 2 costs 9 energy/stamina
— Battle level 3 costs 12 energy/stamina
— Battle level 1 awards 1 – 3 Gold Supergirl Hero Shards and a chance for Gold Supergirl gear
— Battle level 2 awards 2 – 5 Gold Supergirl Hero Shards and a chance for Gold Supergirl gear
— Battle level 3 awards 3 – 7 Gold Supergirl Hero Shards and a chance for Gold Supergirl gear
Each fight has a requirement that you must you a certain type of hero class. During the New Gold Supergirl Challenge Might Class Challenge you must have 1, 2, & 3 tech class hero characters on your team for each level which do an additional 50% damage to Gold Supergirl and all other might class heroes.

Gold Supergirl Challenge Might Class is one of the very best characters/heroes in Injustice 2. She deals massive damage as well as damage over time that you are stuck in! This combined with his passive ability to slow power generation and hinder movement makes her unstoppable. She is definitely one of my top picks and is one of the best Injustice 2 characters.

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The time has finally come!! Injustice 2 mobile Update 1.5 is only 1 week away! They have announced 5 new characters coming to the game! Challenge Mode Gold Powered Supergirl, Gold Captain Cold, Gold Sub-Zero, Silver Aquaman, & Gold Atlantean Armor Aquaman. Throughout the video I show and breakdown their specials, passive abilities & supermoves. I also discuss best teams that each of the characters should play on and which characters to pair them with.
Challenge Mode Gold Powered Supergirl – DPS Character
Gold Captain Cold – Support Hero
Gold Sub-Zero – DPS Character
Silver Aquaman – Support Hero
Gold Atlantean Armor Aquaman – DPS & Support Hero

In this video we talk through some of the updates including:
• Legendary Chests, Gold Chests, & Silver Chests
• Arena season characters – Since the Mythic Wonder Woman arena season hero reward was such a big hit Injustice 2 will feature more arena season hero rewards in the future. I do not believe that the season characters will be back to back arena seasons as it was with Mythic Wonder Woman but rather will alternate between specific Arena season heroes or have a few seasons on and off.
• Conditional offer packs: level up characters or get all of the characters gear right away for a small amount of gems. I believe this to be how we are going to get Flora Poison Ivy’s gear!
• Buying Premium Hero Chests and regular Hero Chests and not getting gold characters – if you pull a certain number of silver characters you are guaranteed a gold character. Save up gems now!! Stop buying Premium Hero Chests and regular Hero Chests until the update 1.5 comes out!!
• Growth pack – better rewards at different incremental higher player profile levels if you use offer. Whether or not this offer is for cash, gems or coins we do not know.

NEW Gold Supergirl Challenge! Update 1.5 Review/Gameplay! Characters/Hero Shards – Injustice 2 Mobile
NEW Gold Supergirl Challenge & How To Beat Any Challenges! Characters/Hero Shards Injustice 2 Mobile

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Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]

SHADOW FIGHT 2 SPECIAL EDITION Apk Mod – Hack Unlimited Money & Energy (How to Hack Shadow Fight 2)

Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]

In this gameplay video we take a look at SHADOW FIGHT 2 SPECIAL EDITION Apk Mod – Hack Unlimited Money 1.0.0 (How to Hack Shadow Fight 2). What’s In The MOD APK: Unlimited Money & Energy
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After almost 2 years, Developers Nekki brings Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK MOD on to Android. Its almost same as its currently free version but this premium edition has something different. It has No Ads and No Energy Bar. Now you can play SF2 Special Premium Edition even without waiting for energy filling.You can instantly fill up your addiction bar as well. Another big update which i would consider a plus point is that it has brand new story chapter which is not available in the freemium version. But its still has IAPs for Money so if you download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK HACK then you will get Unlimited money for purchasing new weapons and armors.
Shadow Fight 2 is known for its compact and easy combat system and gameplay. A dark themed game MADE so many FANS that even big AAA titles failed to do that. SF2 is compatible with almost all the Android devices due to its optimization. Most of all you can play Shadow Fight games offline which is a big advantage.Now if you are thinking of trying special edition then i would suggest you to must try it because its totally worth it. Now you will have more premium content to enjoy. skip those IAP parts and give some time in farming for upgrades but its all worth it.
Features Of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition:-
No Ads,No Energy Bar and Brand New Chapter to Play
Follow amazing SF combat system
Uncover Secrets in Story Mode
No Need of grinding in Premium Edition
Astonishing and unique Designed gameplay and graphics
Play offline or online as you like
Hundreds of weapons to collect

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New Update Rebirth Green Arrow.

Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]