Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]

So just follow the video, and find the data for the gear. In this case Lv 10 maxed gear is the (21). Click on it and change the data.

To find the data, type in the value of the number of same gear you are shattering. Example, if you have 32 ibistick, type in 32. Afterwards, to narrow the results, shatter 1 and type the amount then, which is 31. Keep doing until you are left with 1 or 2 results.

Click on the remaining value and click “Goto”. This will bring you to the memory. The level of the gear is located directly below the amount of gears you have, so edit the number below it to get the level you want.

Note: This mod has a high chance of risking ban!!! Afterwards, it has a high chance of not working and you are unable to unsuspend you account, as this permanently tempers your data.

Gear Codes
Healing Amulet 46595

Batmobile 46641
Cloak of Destiny 46645
Ibistick 46647
Riddler’s Staff 46649
Ra Al Ghoul Schmitar 46650
Gauntlets of Azrael 46646

4th World
Plate 46658
Helmet 46659
Mace 46660

Gauntlet 46661
Chest 46662

League of Assassin
Blade 46664
Hood 46665
Knife 46666

Dawn Of Justice Limited Edition
Batman 46637
Wonder Woman 46667
Superman 46636
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Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]

Injustice 2: How To Level Up Any Character Without Playing!!

Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]

Injustice 2: How To Level Up Any Character Without Playing!!
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Today I will be showing you guys how to easily level up your characters without even playing! This method is great if you have the game on both console, but don’t have time to grind out the levels. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the video 🙂

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Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]

10 Injustice 2 Tips & Tricks!! How To Get Gems, Characters, Shards, Credits, Gear, Stamina & Level!

Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]

Injustice Hack ?? How To Get Free Credits – Credits Hack 2018 (Android/iOS)

What are you searching for? Injustice Unlimited Credits Generator Online Hack Cheat code Android-iOS is finally here with lots of exciting features and many more other resources to use while playing games. Since this Injustice is played by every age people like small kids, children, young, adult and old age people because of the easiness of the game. It is the top grossing game due to a large number of downloads from the specific store. This game is available on different platforms just like Android, iOS, Facebook etc. People are inviting other users to challenge them in Injustice which is one reason they are addicted to.

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Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]

Injustice 2 – Patch 2.2 – Level 70, 6 Stars, Atrocitus

Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]

It’s been a while since the last Injustice 2 update, those of you who saw my livestream yesterday, you probably know all of what’s going on, but if you didn’t, read on!
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In this Injustice 2 Update, we talk about Patch 2.2, one of the bigger changes to the game, and I dare say, moreso than Update 2.0, which introduced Leagues.

Three new characters, two based out of Arena, and one based out of Leagues. Knightmare Batman(Arena Season), Classic Superman(Arena Event like Justice League Cyborg), and Atrocitus(This is why The Reverse Flash and Power Girl’s cost got reduced)

Level 70 Account, Gear, and Characters are here! Much more ways to obtain Armored Superman Fragments. Arena Refresh Limit Removed?, 24 Hour Arena Remains, much better matchmaking but still horrible Ranking and Rewards still exist.

In order to upgrade a character to 6 Stars, you need a Specific Orb(More info on my next Injustice 2 Video), and Fragments
Legendary: 400
Gold: 300
Silver: 230

All Silver characters use Stellar Orbs
All Challenge characters use Cosmic Orbs
All Multiverse characters use Galactic Orbs
Hearthbreaker Harley Quinn uses a Cosmic Orb

New Gear Chest is LESS shards overall, but we did get 90 Gear Reforges, and 8,250 Gear Shards for 750 Gems, in the old system, we would’ve gotten 12,000 Gear Shards and 30 Gear Reforges.

You can tell how long a member has been offline, this is a great tool for detecting dead weight and removing. You NEED to let me know on Social Media or Discord if you have an emerency and cannot log on, we want to push for Raid 5. Lower Threat members will be migrated to the second league.

Supermove Bonus Damage has been revealed, remember when Super Boost was shown and we had no idea what it does? It’s 5% Damage at 1 Star, 10% at 2 Stars, 15% at 3 Stars, 20% at 4 Stars, 25% at 5 Stars, and 35% at 6 Stars.

You can see my Level 70 Gear item from Predator Batman, it’s around 92,000 Gear Shards to go from 61-70.

More Armored Superman Fragments from Achievements, including League Donations, completing Missions, and completing Raid Tiers. So now anyone can get a 5 Star, also new Achievements for Level 61-70 and Character Level 60-70.

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Orb video up next
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Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]

Injustice 2 – Auto Level Characters to Max Level While Sleeping! *No Controller* PS4 Method

Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]

*Playstation method only *

Thank you Reddit users Magicalmuffinman and honk3times for

this tool! We can use this to automatically playthough endless

mode and many others in the multiverse! It automatically clicks

X for you to advance you into the next match.

Reddit Link:

Remote Play:

Auto Hotkey Installer:

This tool helps you to maximize characters levels over night without

you having to do anything on your controller.

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Instagram – @Bltzz7

Twitter – @BltzZ7

Tweet me any suggestions or Combo videos for characters you want to see!


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Injustice 2 Mobile All Characters Level 60 GEAR Except 7 Characters
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Injustice 2 Generator [UPDATED]